365 Days of Photos

This blog is getting a fresh start. After putting a bit to much pressure on myself my days of summer blog did not get to the end of the summer. I have started again on January 1st 2011, if I miss a day or take a long time to upload I am not going to quit, I am just going to try to be more flexible. After loosing my second baby in just over a year being flexible is now a necessity of life and survival and over the course of this year I have idea what will happen but I am open to many things and I am excited to where it might take me.

From the original blog:

On Monday June 21st 2010, the first day of summer I started this blog - sort of a days of summer blog, and when it is finished I am going to print it to make a book for me to remember this summer and the year following. This summer will be hard for me, just as the past 7 months have been becuase I am fighting my infertility struggles at the same time grieving my baby who was born too early and only lived for two weeks. I am going to find something gorgeous, beautiful or just plain cute to make me smile everyday and post it here. I need to start looking at all the beauty out there - and taking the time to capture it! To learn more about me and my journey visit me here: http://raindrops-sammy.blogspot.com

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jan 11th - 17th

The last Orchid opening on the plant I bought for Jack's birthday

Loves special drawings from my little guy :)

Ribbons and Bows

Helping dad pick out new skates

Flowers from a friend

Mmmm ... Lavender

Showshoeing for the first time!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Jan 1st - 10

I thought I should post since I am 10 days into this now :)

This is actually New Years Eve but I wanted to include it .. 
goodbye 2010 .. I can't say I am sad to see you go.

 January 1st 
New Year, new business, new office!

January 2nd 
Owen got a new shelf for his room as well and had to help set it up

January 3rd
Owen and I feeding the ducks and going for a walk

January 4th 
Little backpack I got Owen to carry a few toys around in ..

January 5th 
Deer on our road snacking on some of my neighbours plants 

January 6th 
This morning there was a huge rainbow over our house but I could not get a good picture of it until I got out on the highway ... last year I thought maybe the rainbows were a sign of something good to come, maybe they still are - I hope so

 January 8th
Little discovery trip to the We.dding Fai.r

January 9th 
My hope, a little chipped but still intact ...  this hangs in Jack and Olivers window

January 10th 
The final resting place of my sweet little baby

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

When you fail .. just try again ..

Ah if it were only that easy :)

Inspired by Mattie I am going to try this again - for the whole year this time! ... and not be so hard on myself this time. Last time I tried to have a blog post for everyday but I am going to be more relaxed about it and do multiple photos at a time and not worry so much about the date.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Sunday August 8th - Garden treats

Hmmmm... love this time of year and all the goodies from the garden.