365 Days of Photos

This blog is getting a fresh start. After putting a bit to much pressure on myself my days of summer blog did not get to the end of the summer. I have started again on January 1st 2011, if I miss a day or take a long time to upload I am not going to quit, I am just going to try to be more flexible. After loosing my second baby in just over a year being flexible is now a necessity of life and survival and over the course of this year I have idea what will happen but I am open to many things and I am excited to where it might take me.

From the original blog:

On Monday June 21st 2010, the first day of summer I started this blog - sort of a days of summer blog, and when it is finished I am going to print it to make a book for me to remember this summer and the year following. This summer will be hard for me, just as the past 7 months have been becuase I am fighting my infertility struggles at the same time grieving my baby who was born too early and only lived for two weeks. I am going to find something gorgeous, beautiful or just plain cute to make me smile everyday and post it here. I need to start looking at all the beauty out there - and taking the time to capture it! To learn more about me and my journey visit me here: http://raindrops-sammy.blogspot.com

Monday, January 10, 2011

Jan 1st - 10

I thought I should post since I am 10 days into this now :)

This is actually New Years Eve but I wanted to include it .. 
goodbye 2010 .. I can't say I am sad to see you go.

 January 1st 
New Year, new business, new office!

January 2nd 
Owen got a new shelf for his room as well and had to help set it up

January 3rd
Owen and I feeding the ducks and going for a walk

January 4th 
Little backpack I got Owen to carry a few toys around in ..

January 5th 
Deer on our road snacking on some of my neighbours plants 

January 6th 
This morning there was a huge rainbow over our house but I could not get a good picture of it until I got out on the highway ... last year I thought maybe the rainbows were a sign of something good to come, maybe they still are - I hope so

 January 8th
Little discovery trip to the We.dding Fai.r

January 9th 
My hope, a little chipped but still intact ...  this hangs in Jack and Olivers window

January 10th 
The final resting place of my sweet little baby


  1. I love all the photos. The first ten days is a really good glimpse into your life. Balanced with love, grief, hope and beauty!

  2. owen doing some "handy work" is such a cute pic!!!!

    (((hugs))) for Oliver's urn too!!

    <3 you